LIES Journal

LIES is now accepting submissions for Volume III (2017)

LIES is a platform for materialist, communist, autonomous, and otherwise antagonistic writing by non cis men. We seek to embody and develop in print autonomous feminist practices that understand opposition to capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, and the legacies of colonialism and slavery as central to feminist struggle. We especially encourage submissions by writers of color; writers of trans, non-binary, two-spirit, and all other non-cisgender experience; and writers with indigenous, diasporic, migrant, and cross-cultural backgrounds. We hope to solicit writings that foreground decolonial perspectives and challenge Euro-American-centric historical and analytical frameworks.

We publish a variety of written formats, including: essay-length analytical pieces, poetry, creative writing, workers’ inquiries, and explorations of archival materials, and more. We are also interested in publishing pieces that have not appeared in English yet; if you can help translate or if you know of a piece that needs translating, please get in touch!

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Materialist-feminist contemporary and historical analyses of the neo-fascist, white and/or ethno-nationalist, xenophobic right
Major political upheavals such as Brexit in the U.K. and the Trump presidency in the U.S.
Global perspectives on anti-blackness
Healthcare, care work, and alternative care networks
Disability and ableism
Transgender militancy, gender struggle and/or abolition, institutional and vigilante violence against trans people
Inquiries into the nature of gender, race, and/or class
Militancy and feminism
Workers’ inquiries with an eye to race, gender, and migration
State violence, dispossession, displacement, and regimes of migration control
Border-crossing and cross-cultural dwelling
Indigenous resistance movements, decolonial thought and methodologies
Resource extraction and climate change crises
Value form theory, communization, and other political-economic critique
Ontology and historical materialism
Historical and contemporary conversations and material exchanges between the South and the East; South-to-South dialogues
Report backs from ongoing struggles and resistance movements

Initial pitches, abstracts, or first drafts are due by Tuesday 14th February 2017. Send submissions and any questions to liesjournal [at] gmail [dot] com. Due to financial limitations of the project, we regret that at present all authors are unpaid; however contributors will be given close editorial support in developing their work.


You may download a full PDF of Volume I or of Volume II, or read individual articles below.

LIES Volume I

Editorial Note - LIES Collective PDF

Not-Sex And Social Relations

Undoing Sex: Against Sexual Optimism - C.E. PDF
Against the Couple Form - Clémence X. Clementine PDF
Letters to L: Visions and Paranoia - M. Sandovsky PDF
Salt Wedge (Excerpts) - Sogumi PDF
Caring: A Labor of Stolen Time: Pages from a CNA’s Notebook - Jomo PDF

Notes On Struggle

Santa Rita 128 To 131 - Wendy Trevino PDF
On the Recent Occupations: A Communique From W.&.T.C.H. - W.&.T.C.H. PDF
Women in Uprising: The Oaxaca Commune, the State, and Reproductive Labor - Barucha Calamity Peller PDF
Against Innocence: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Safety - Jackie Wang PDF
Recent Communiques

Identity, Abolition, Communization

Don’t Try to Dig Yourself out of the Hole. You Won’t Get Out. - Magda Llwhisk PDF
The Gender Distinction in Communization Theory - P. Valentine English Spanish
“To Be Liberated from Them (or Through Them)”: A Call for a New Approach - Sky Palace PDF


“All The Work We Do As Women”: Feminist Manifestoson Prostitution and the State, 1977 PDF
“We Referred to It as Coming Out”: Recollections on Trans Identity, State Violence, and 1960s Radicalism - Suzan Cooke PDF


Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of the Law, Dean Spade PDF

LIES Volume II

Editorial - LIES Collective
Untitled - Michelle
Against Gender, Against Society - nila nokizaru
I am Here as a Victim - Michelle R.
A Disgrace Reserved for Prostitutes: Complicity & the Beloved Community - Pluma Sumaq
Grateful - Monica Stevens
Inversion & Invisibility: - Black Women, Black Masculinity, & Anti-Blackness - LaKeyma King
How to Die - Feng Chen
Shout to Cissy Girls - Sepand Mashiahof
To Make Many Lines, to Form Many Bonds: Thoughts on Autonomous Organizing - FLOC
Fantasy Numeral 4 - Feng Chen
First Women, Then the Nation: Confronting Colonial Gender Violence - L. Cornum
Monica, My Son - Monica Stevens
Notes on the Erotic in the Capitalist Mode of Production - Jack Frost & Eli Long
What Resembles the Grave But Isn’t - Anne Boyer
Infrastructures of Injury - Amanda Armstrong
Get Free - Julia Katz
The Fire This Time? - Jasmine Gibson
The Gospel According to Michelle - Michelle
love poems - Paula Cobo–Guevara
Hanging Out - coda wei
Betrayal - Words to Fire Collective
Poem #2 - Eden Jeffries


All proceeds from the journal go into making the next issue of the journal, as well as sometimes being sold as a benefit to people working on important struggles.


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LIES is a journal spearheaded by a queer feminist collective based in multiple cities: Oakland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, London. LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are difficult, impossible or dangerous if cis men are in the room. We attack the legacy of racism and transphobia that has plagued feminist organizing, and strive to develop new autonomous feminist practices that take antagonism to white supremacy and transphobia as essential parts of feminist struggle. LIES came out of our experiences within these struggles. It seeks to embody and develop in print the practice of autonomy that we needed to save ourselves in the midst of movements squared on patriarchy and fueled by the subordination of everyone but white cis men. LIES is a communist journal against communists. We draw our purpose and support from feminist, queer, and trans circles, our friends and comrades to whom this journal is devoted.