magda llwhisk
don’t try to dig yourself out of the hole.
you won’t get out.

there are women who must wake early to cook and do the washing for their husband and children
then they go to the first of their three jobs
if anyone will abolish time, it will be these women

The Seventeenth International is now officially known as The Sisterhood, Motherfuckers!

emergent categories of feminist struggle:
expropriation of police vehicles
fortification of the castle
stem cell research
afternoon tea

Her critics label her a Maoist sympathizer. Is she?
“I am a Maoist sympathizer,” she says.

when we think the answer is :
coffee, wine, a good fuck, leafy greens, stretching, quiet,
some cash, sleep, a shrink, a party, a toothbrush, a cry
we really mean filling the bottle and lighting the fuse
get your hermeneutics straight, sisters

the unfolding of communism as the story of a murderess
delivering her crimes with sensuality and nonchalance
a sexiness, slowness, a chill
a quivering at the back of the knees of nearly every prole

“We’re too emotionally detached is the problem,” he said. “We need to get a little more emotional. We have our wall up. We’ve got to connect.”

The Angel Makers of Nagyrév were a group of women living in a Hungarian village who between 1914 and 1929 poisoned to death an estimated 300 husbands, children, and family members.
They quipped that not even their proponents understood the severity of their argument.

the frisk of the Jealous School Girl
the eye out, the size up
knives or kisses to the throat?
wolves out to bite other wolves

when the war between scum and daddy’s girls overtakes the war against men
the limits of sisterhood

Rather than providing a dose of collective self-reflection and analysis of mistakes, self-criticism functioned as a mechanism of inter-party struggle within the CCP leadership.

consciousness raising groups going the way of Maoist self-criticism proceedings
“You slept with him because you felt validated by him. Admit it!”
“Yes, it’s true. I don’t believe my own ideas unless he nods at them. Have mercy on me.”
“And I saw you wearing that short pink skirt. Did we not ban pink and hemlines above the calf?”
“I was trying to attract his attention. I will repent.”

When I grow old, I am going to be the sort of witch
that minces children and bakes them into savory pies.

the joy of cooking
the joy of gay sex
the joy of marxist-feminism

I am a woman and I live alone.